Monday, August 01, 2005

Hui 07/26/05 3D Gadolinium Enhanced Bolus chase MR Angiography

Early this morning, Dr.Price performed a Bolus chase MR Angiography (MRA) in an old lady with serious diabetes. The patient complained about pain in both legs especially around the calves.

Dr. Prince actually is the developer of bolus chase MR Angiography, which has been commercialized by all scanner manufacturers for performing peripheral MR Angiography.

In peripheral 3D MRA, a series of 3D acquisitions are performed following a single bolus injection of gadolinium. The bolus is chased while it is running down the legs. The patient table and the receiver coil is moved accordingly to help image different areas from abdomen down to the ankles.

The gadolinium is injected into IV using a “SmartSet” IV injection system. There are 2 syringes, separately for saline and gadolinium, connected with the tubing through an adaptor with check valves. Saline is used for test the IV initially and flushing the gadolinium at the end.

At the site where main arteries are obstructed, small arteries down stream of the site of stenosis will grow largerr as a blood bypass. These vessels also get longer as they stretch to become larger in diameter make them ‘snake like’
(, which is considered as an indictor of vascular stenosis.


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