Monday, August 15, 2005

Jeff Ballyns 5th Week

Monday: Observed Dr. Farmer perform a spinal fusion. The operation was very similar to what I had seen earlier with Dr. Sama. The same incision was made in the back cutting through the fat and then the facial muscle layer. Following that they removed the surrounding bone and cartilage that separates the two vertebrae. Then placement screws are set with aid of a CT-guide program. The program shows a 3-D representation of the patient that allows the surgeon to align the placement screws at the correct angle. Once the screws are set bars are put in place to bridge the two vertebrae together. Cancellous bone graft is the packed between the two vertebrae and the screws are torqued to align the spin to its correct and newly fused state. Below is a view of what a fisued spine looks like post operatively.

Image provided by Upstate Medical

Thursday: Biomechanics meeting-presentation of a student’s dissertation in the development of a dynamic model for the ankle joint. Prior models had assumed linearly elasticity for tendons which we now know to be viscoelastic in nature. Through the use of MR imaging he was able to reconstruct the geometry for a patient’s ankle and attach the ligaments at the correct location. The model assumed linearly viscoelasticity for the model and based the properties to that found in literature. He then manual moved the ankle and took MR scans and various positions to then compare to the dynamic model. His finding were promising but showed that further investigation needs to be done in the posterior talor ligament to characterize its behavior and function.

Friday: Met With Dr. Potter to generate a MR image of a sheep knee and high resolution with small thickness size.


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